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Matte Cow Leather Training Boxing Gloves

  • This is matte black boxing gloves hold no punches with their first-class MATTE COW SKIN Leather bundling that is strong, veggie darling, and non-perilous. The Quadro-Dome PU-Mold of the gloves ensures that the wearer stays aware of right hold hand structure constantly Moreover, to keep hands safe and got. Twofold wrist binds and supporting system bearing to keep your wrists agreed with each punch. It locks your wrist and hand set up when you lash up, keeping them. XGripe superior Pro style planning glove unites at whatever point protect and at whatever point cool new development and is unmistakably reasonable for pack work, glove work, prosperity classes, and doing fighting. White 10,12,14,16 oz. We've worked with relentless boxing-prepared experts and mixed military experts to plan and make the most strong solid and cautiously fulfilling lifestyle and sports gear. We used premium MATTE COW SKIN Leather and twofold sewing to bear endless battling social events. This glove is gathered using incredibly hard MATTE COW SKIN Leather and twofold sewing around the wrinkles to bear unending doing battling parties The palms are added with invaded openings to give ideal ventilation and dryness. An inside enemy of sweat repellent covering clashes with sweat and the Quick-EZ catch and circle end ensures secure wear and clear flight.


    • MATTE COW SKIN LEATHER, these boxing gloves are comfortable, supportive, and versatile for a fighter who wants it all. Ideal for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, and Sparring.
    • LAYERED EVA PADDING sheet, Sponge X blacktop fabric for X-FOAM inside the palm area cushions stray shots that may land on the palm.
    • QUADRO-DOME PU-MOULD offer resilience and EVA-bar in palm offer correct fist form. The attached thumb support is Ideal for Thai pads-to-mitts and heavy punch bag training sessions.
    • These matte black boxing gloves hold no punches with their exclusive MATTE Cow Skin Leather casing that’s durable, vegan, and non-toxic You chose combat fitness to take your training to the next level. Shouldn’t your striking experience be the same? When you put on a pair of Libelous gloves, you quickly realize that this is the way a boxing glove should be.
    • MATTE COW SKIN Leather The outer shell of the glove is made of microfiber leather. This synthetic PU leather has been proven to perform better for flexibility, surface abrasion, tear and crack resistance than real leather

SKU: XG-1003 Orange 10oz