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Pro Traing Boxing Stick

  • About This Product

    A stunning decision rather than punching gloves, getting ready sticks to cause less effect on both the shoulders, hands, and elbows. An extraordinary and fun system for refreshing any enlightening social occasion for grown-ups or youngsters. MMA gloves, shin protectors, headgear, and so forth The course of action and covering similarly as has the quality you love and trust appropriately for drawing in boxing, or bit by bit arranging of response, exactness, nimbleness, assurance, and so. The Go Sports Speed Stix is anticipated to emulate contact drills in blended fierce techniques and a course of action of sports preparing drills. On The back versatile rope is more valuable to hold, with a length of 16 cm firm cushioned guards fuse a thick froth local area to hold impact during hostile and protective drills. The precision sticks consolidate handles additional handles and solace for mentors and guides. The Speed Stic is worked from composite calfskin which is tear-insistence, sweat proof, and waterproof for most absurd strength. With the impeding guardians presently, tutors can rehearse with competitors without overextending in enhancements and without affecting their shoulders, elbows, and back. The hindering sticks will hold impact from all ages and limit levels so competitors of everything that could be prepared securely.


    • Improves coordination and flexibility, while helping increase agility and hand-eye coordination.
    • Made of sturdy PU leather material, practical and feel good, prevent burst.
    • The rear elastic rope is more convenient to hold.
    • Suitable for fighting, boxing, or daily training of reaction, accuracy, agility, endurance, etc.
    • Designed to Endure: We want Istanbul gear to be a staple of your gym bag. So we make equipment that lasts. Essentials paddles are made with Performance Engineered Leather that will take thousands of hits without cracking.
    • Speed and Accuracy: Striking sticks were made not for heavy punches but instead for amateurs, enthusiasts, and pros to work on hand speed, accuracy, and even head movement.

SKU: XG-106 Boxing Stick White