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XGripe Cowhide Black/White Shin Guard In-Step

  • About this Product

    XGripe’s Shin guards are hand tailored from select covers up of Cowhide leather for greatest durability. Tri-layer cushioning secures the skin during fighting sessions, with complex thick membrane gel cushioning uniting and retaining shock impacts. Shin Guards are an essential equipment for Mixed Martial Arts or Kickboxing. Hitting with your insteps during fighting can be dangerous for you and your opponent in the event that you don’t utilize defensive shin protectors. Utilize your full hitting arsenal with peace of mind with these shin Guards.


    • XGripe Shin Guards are the lightweight and made up of cowhide leather for integrated durability and crack resistance. And perfectly protect you in MMA, Martial Arts Kicking Sparring Training, BJJ, Karate, Boxing, Taekwondo, and more.
    • This permits the shin guards to distribute the heavy pressing factor out and around the surface area. Lining attractions sweat to keep your legs Fresh, dry and comfortable. The Velcro conclusion for an altered fit no-slip.
    • These insteps have two wide elastic bands for support, one under the foot, the other behind the heel. It has unique designed for flexibility and smoothness to protect frequently.
    • A definitive shin Guards for world class level performance and style. Progressed line of protection against Shock-sway dissipate and scatter power equally. Blacktop Laminated Fabric adds solidness and compliments elastic foam sheet.

SKU: XG-1013 Black/White S